Original project objectives included the following:

1. Enhanced assembly of a temporally complete database of climate observations for more than five observation stations having lengthy records (more than 50 years) and situated across New Jersey.
2. Ongoing development of time series for a number of variables at each station. As before, not only will simple means and totals of temperature and precipitation be addressed, but other manners of evaluating these variables will be undertaken, such as developing time series of days with precipitation over selected thresholds. Variables will be expanded from the previous study to include heating and cooling degree days (not gotten to during the first stage) and, time permitting, snowfall (to date; only data from New Brunswick has been evaluated).
3. Statistical evaluation of variance and trends for each time series created.
4. Continue populating the Climate Report Card website.
As suggested above, we have yet to have the opportunity to work as planned with NJDEP scientists to conduct a useful statistical evaluation of study results. We also did not have sufficient time to expand the snow database. Otherwise, as discussed in the study stations section, project objectives were met or exceeded.
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