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New Jersey

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NJ ClimateWatch

    Climate Overview


Hurricane Floyd Info.

    Blizzard of '96

Tornado History

Hurricane Floyd Summary

    El Nino Impacts

Climate Graphics

Historic Floods

    Drought Regions


NJ Wx Report Search

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Weather (Wx) and Climate

    Basic Wx Glossary

Wx Glossary

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Hydrologic Glossary

Tropical Wx Glossary

    Worst U.S. Storms

Wx Calculator

Wx and Climate Awareness

    Storm Research

Lightning Research

Wx and Climate Research

    Historic Image Archive

Wx Data Analysis

Weather Networks

    What Is Lake Effect Snow?

100 Top Climate Sites

Why Are There Seasons?

    About Nor'Easters

3 May 1999 Chat

Extreme Weather Impacts

    Costliest Hurricanes

Strongest Hurricanes

World Storm Names

    About El Nino Maps

About ENSO

    Global Change Info.

Ask Jack Archives

Tropical Climatology

    About Drought Indices

The Water Cycle

Climate Change Info.

Instructional Materials and Programs

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Safety Tips for Kids

ENSO and Drought

    Weather Hints

Bad Meteorology

Meteorology Class Notes

    How To Measure Snow

Weather Station Placement

How To Measure Rain


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