The Weather Where You Live

The Weather Where You Live: Revisited
Dr. David A. Robinson
NJ State Climatologist
Rutgers University
October 2014

In 1989, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the late David Ludlum to generate a list of publications that focus on the weather and climate of a particular state or region (Robinson, D.A. & D.M. Ludlum, 1989: The Weather Where You Live. Weatherwise, 42, 328-330). Subsequently, I have unearthed other early publications, and a number of additional offerings of this genre have appeared. Journal articles or publications associated with a particular weather phenomenon are not cataloged, rather we concentrate on books and monographs that address a state or region (cities through multi-state regions).

While the updated list is likely not exhaustive, it includes 168 references for 43 states, along with publications addressing the District of Columbia, the Great Lakes, New England, several broad regions and one that provides a Canadian overview. The oldest reference is from 1847 (look under Pennsylvania), the latest from 2012 (Mississippi).

Should you know of any other appropriate publications, it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me with the reference ( I will continue to update the list as new references arrive. And thanks to Mathieu Gerbush (Office of the NJ State Climatologist, Rutgers), Laura Edwards (Western Regional Climate Center), and John Lutzel (Owensboro Community and Technical College) for their assistance.



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District of Columbia

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