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In the End...Rather Normal: April 2024 Recap

The Lion Roars: March 2024 Recap

Lost Winter: February 2024 & Winter 2023/2024 Recaps

Take Your Pick: January 2024 Recap

The Wet Bandits Strike/Warmth with Precipitation Indecision: December/Annual 2023 Report

ONJSC's Top 10 NJ Weather and Climate Events of 2023

Waiting and Wondering/On Average: November/Fall 2023 Recaps

Tranquility: October 2023 Recap

Turn! Turn! Turn!: September 2023 Recap

Is That All There Is?/Dodging Extremes, With a Few Exceptions: August/Summer 2023 Recaps

Sultry: July 2023 Recap

Strange, Just Plain Strange: June 2023 Recap, Plus First Half of 2023 Review

Smoke Gets In Your Skies, and Another Mild One: May and Spring 2023 Recaps

An Odd One: April 2023 Recap

Tempered Spring Advance: March 2023 Recap

Normally Abnormal: February 2023 & Winter 2022/2023 Recaps

Does Anybody Really Know What Month It Is?: January 2023 Recap

Seeking Identities: December 2022 and Annual 2022 Recaps

ONJSC's Top 10 NJ Weather and Climate Events of 2022

A Tale of Two Novembers, and Leaning Warmer and Wetter Than Normal: November and Fall 2022 Recap

True Fall Colors: October 2022 Recap

Flipping the Seasonal Switch: September 2022 Recap

Roasting: August 2022 Recap and Summer Overview

Once Again Hot, and This Time Around, Dry: July 2022 Recap

Nondescript: June 2022 Recap

Transition Complete: May and Spring 2022 Recaps

Consistently Inconsistent: April 2022 Recap

Spring Foolery: March 2022 Recap

Up, Down, Round and Round: February 2022 and Winter 2021/2022 Recaps

The South Coast Steals the Show: January 2022 Recap

Dry Conditions Persist, and Another Warm One: December & Annual 2021 Recap

ONJSC's Top 10 NJ Weather and Climate Events of 2021

It’s Been A While, and A Common Theme: November & Fall 2021 Recap

A Slow Crawl into Fall: October 2021 Recap

Unprecedented: September 2021 Recap

Ida Remnants Strike New Jersey

Sticky: August 2021 & Summer 2021 Recaps

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: July 2021 Recap

Hit or Miss: June 2021 Recap

Decision-Making Dilemma: May & Spring 2021 Recaps

Spring Mix: April 2021 Recap

The Wind Doth Blow: March 2021 Recap

Anything but Boring: February 2021 & Winter 2020/21 Recaps

Pretty Darn Boring: January 2021 Recap

A Mixed Bag, & A Blow Torch Year: December & Annual 2020 Recaps

ONJSC's Top 10 NJ Weather and Climate Events of 2020

The Heat Goes On: November & Fall 2020 Recaps

A Transition Month for Sure: October 2020 Recap

Up and Down But in the End Quite Average: September 2020 Recap

The Beat Goes On: August 2020 & Summer Recaps

Record Heat: July 2020 Recap

Summer Arrives: June Recap (with a brief look at the first half of 2020)

Endless Spring: May & Spring 2020 Recaps

Blown Away: April 2020 Recap

A Dud: 2019/2020 Snow Season Recap

Spring Ahead: March 2020 Recap

More Like Virginia: February 2020 & Winter 2019/20 Recaps

Where is Winter?: January 2020 Recap

Winter Arrives Up North, Not So Much in the South, and Another Mild and Wet Year: December & 2019 Annual Recaps, Including Top 10 Events

Cold and Dry (A Rarity of Late), and Quite the Transition Season: November & Fall 2019 Recaps

So Much for a Flash Drought: October 2019 Recap

Off Goes the Faucet: September 2019 Recap

Leaning Warm and a Bit Dry, and Once Again, Top-Ten Warmth: August & Summer 2019 Recaps

Mother Nature Picking on Two NJ Communities!: July 2019 Recap

Plenty Green: June 2019 Recap

Frequently Wet: May & Spring 2019 Recaps

A Real Spring: April 2019 Summary

Lambs and Lions: March 2019 Summary

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That: February & Winter 2019 Recaps

Ambivalence: January 2019 Summary

A Fitting Finale: December 2018 Recap & Annual Summary, including the Top 10 Events of 2018

Winter Arrives Early, Record Wet Fall: November 2018 & Fall 2018 Recaps

Rapid Transition: October 2018 Recap

Once Again, Summer is Slow to Depart: September 2018 Recap

Green Warmth: August & Summer 2018 Recaps

Summer Personified: July 2018 Recap

Rather Typical: June 2018 Recap

Warm and Wet May, and an Action Packed Spring: May 2018 Summary & Spring Recap

A Slow Green Up: April 2018 Summary

The Lion Roared All Month Long: March 2018 Summary

Since When Did February Become March?: February 2018 Summary & Winter 2017/2018 Recap

Bitter Cold, a Blizzard, and a Thaw: January 2018 Summary

An Early Winter Sampler: December 2017 Recap & Annual Summary, including the Top 10 Events of 2017

Even a Quiet Month Can be Interesting and an Overall Mild and Dry Season: November & Fall 2017 Summary

Delays Abound: October 2017 Summary

Plenty Dry with Backwards Warmth: September 2017 Summary

It’s Not Easy Staying Green: August & Summer 2017 Summaries

Rainfall Corridors: July 2017 Summary

A Potpourri of Weather: June 2017 Summary & Mid-Year Recap

A Better Approach to Calculating Daily Mean Temperature

Talk of Drought Evaporates: May & Spring 2017 Recaps

Record Warmth Returns: April 2017 Recap

Long Winded: March 2017 Recap

March in February, & Another Mild Season: February & Winter 2016-2017 Recap

The Weather Would Not Sit Still: January 2017 Recap

A Rather Quiet End to the Year: December 2016 Recap & Annual Summary, including the Top 10 Events of 2016

Gradual Seasonal Transition: November 2016 & Fall 2016 Recaps

A Climatological Potpourri: October 2016 Recap

Summer is Slow to End: September 2016 Recap

Top Ten for Heat and Dryness, and Yet Another Hot Summer in the 2000s: August & Summer 2016 Recap

A Return to Hot Julys After a Two-Year Respite; Awfully Wet Too: July 2016 Recap

Rather Dry, but Still Some Storms: June 2016 Recap

A Tale of Multiple Seasons Within a Month and an Almost Backward Spring: May & Spring 2016 Recaps

Another Dry Spring Month: April 2016 Recap

Spring Warmth Arrives Early: March 2016 Recap

Volatility Reigns: February 2016 & 2015/2016 Winter Recaps

A Winter Sampler: January 2016 Recap

Baked December 2015 & Annual Summary, Including the Top 10 Events of 2015

Unseasonably Mild and Dry: November & Fall 2015 Recaps

On Average, Rather Average, Bookended by Stormy Conditions: October 2015 Recap

Near Record Warmth and Quite Dry…until the 30th: September 2015 Recap

Consistently Warm and a Mixed Distribution of Precipitation: August & Summer 2015 Recaps

Leaning Warm, Leaning Dry: July 2015 Recap

Drought? What Drought?: June 2015 Recap

Third Warmest and Driest as Drought Concerns Arise: May & Spring 2015 Recaps

Spring Arrives and Remains: April 2015 Recap

For Second Consecutive Year, Winter is Slow to Relinquish Its Grip: March 2015 Recap

Bitter Cold: February 2015 Recap & Winter 2014-2015 Review

Wooly and a Bit Wild: January 2015 Recap

A Dreary Month, and Shades of Years Past: December & 2014 Annual Summary

A Cool Damp Month, and All Things Considered, a Rather Average Season: November & Fall 2014 Recaps

Mild With Some Beneficial Rain: October 2014 Recap

Increasingly Dry in the North: September 2014 Recap

Comfort Reigns: August & Summer of 2014 Recaps

New Jersey Hurricane Hunting: A brief recap of a small state’s big hurricane history

Mid-Atlantic Deluge (August 12-13, 2014)

A Rather Average July, Believe It or Not: July 2014 Summary

On the Mild and Dry Side: June 2014 Summary & Mid-Year Recap

Typical Springtime Variability: May & Spring 2014 Summaries

Another End-of-Month Soaker…but First Some Flames: April 2014 Summary

Winter refuses to relinquish its grip on the Garden State: March 2014 Summary

Relentless Winter: February 2014 Summary & Winter 2013/14 Summary

Cold and Snow: January 2014 Summary

An Active Pattern: December & 2013 Annual Summary

Winter 2013/14: Round One

Encroaching Drought?: November & Fall 2013 Summary

A Tranquil October (Imagine That!): October 2013 Summary

Cool and Dry Conditions Prevail: September 2013 Summary

A Cool Summer Month: August 2013 Summary & a Warm and Wet Summer of 2013

Yet another hot summer month: July 2013 Summary

Record Wet: June 2013 Summary & Mid-Year Recap

Plenty of Variability but Overall Quite Average: May 2013 Summary & Spring Recap

Rather dry and not as chilly as you might think: April 2013 Summary & 2012-2013 Snow Season Recap

A Chilly Start to Spring: March 2013

A Rather Average Month/A Mild Winter: February 2013 & Winter 2012/2013 Summary

A Mild Start to the Year, Despite One Frigid Week: January 2013 Report

Finishing the Year on a Mild and Damp Note/Sandy and Record Warmth: December & 2012 Annual Report

The Streak is Broken/Just About Every Condition Imaginable: November & Fall 2012 Report

Sandy Strikes: October 2012 Report

Widely Varying Precipitation: September 2012 Report

A Warm Month In Yet Another Hot Summery: August & Summer 2012 Report

Another Hot July: July 2012 Summary

A Mixed Bag: June 2012 & a Warm Mid-Year Summary

Anomalous Warmth Continues: May 2012, Spring 2012, & Snow Season 2011/12 Summaries

A Backward Month: April 2012 Summary

Spring Arrives Early: March 2012 Summary

The Winter That Almost Wasn't: February 2012 & Winter 2011/2012 Recaps

Winter Continues to Hide: January 2012 Summary

Where is Winter?/Record Wet, Close to Record Warm: December/2011 Annual Summary

A Tranquil Respite: November & Fall 2011 Summary

Another Record-Shattering Month: October 2011 Summary

Persistently Extreme: September 2011 Summary

Waterlogged NJ: August & Summer 2011 Overview

Yet Another Hot Month: July 2011 Overview

Wide Precipitation Variations Statewide and Top 10 Warmth: June & First Half of 2011 Overview

Mixed Precipitation Signals: May & Spring 2011 Overview

Sneaky Warmth and Awfully Wet: April 2011 Overview

Another Wet March: March 2011 Overview

February Weather Potpourri and a Winter 2010/11 Overview

Snow and More Snow: January 2011 Overview

A Rare Cold Month in a Year of Extremes: December & Annual 2010 Overview

November on the Dry Side, Another Warm Season: November/Fall 2010 Overview

Closer to Average: October 2010 Overview

Endless Summer?: September 2010 Overview

Warm and Mainly Dry August, Record Summer Heat and Local Drought Conditions: August/Summer 2010 Overview

Extreme Heat & Widely Variable Precipitation: July 2010 Overview

Persistent Warmth: June & First Half of 2010 Overview

A Warm One: May & Spring 2010 Overview

Spring Bursts onto the Scene: April 2010 Overview

Washout!: March 2010 & Winter 2009/2010 Overview

Whiteout!: February 2010 & Winter 2009/2010 Overview

A Rather Unremarkable Month: January 2010 Overview

Record Wet December 2009 and Another Mild, Wet Year: December & Annual 2009 Overview

A Rather Mild and Dry November & Multi-Faced Fall 2009 Wrap Up

Cool, Wet and Briefly White: October 2009 Overview

A Split Precipitation Picture: September 2009 Overview

Warm and Wet August 2009, Wet and Surprisingly Not Cool Summer 2009

Cool and Stormy: July 2009 Overview

Never Ending Spring: June 2009 Overview

Plenty of Flowers (and Pollen): May 2009 Overview

A Typical Spring Month: April 2009 Overview

Dry Conditions Persist: March 2009 Overview

A Record Dry Driest Month and an Average Winter: February 2009 & Winter Overview

On the Cold Side, Along with "Nickel and Dime" Snow: January 2009 Overview

Changeable, To Say the Least: December & Annual 2008 Overview

A Split Personality: November & Fall 2008 Overview

A Taste of All Seasons: October 2008 Overview

A Warm and Wet September: September 2008 Overview

Mild and Dry August, Hot and Dry Summer: August & Summer 2008 Overview

A Record Warm June-July: July 2008 Summary & Summer Update

A Very Warm June: June 2008 Overview

Cool and a Bit Damp: May 2008 Overview & Spring Recap

Sneaky Warm and a Bit Too Dry: April 2008 Overview

A Rather Tranquil Month: March 2008 Overview

A See Saw Month: February 2008 Overview & Winter Recap

Rather Cool, Dry and Snow Free: January 2008 Overview

December/Annual 2007 Overview

A Return to Normalcy: November 2007 & Fall Overview

Record Warmth Prevails: October 2007 Overview

A Top 10 Month for Dryness and Warmth: September 2007 Overview

Wet North - Dry South: August 2007 Climate Summary

A Normal Summer Month, or Not?: July 2007 Climate Summary

A Mild and Moist Sixth Month: June 2007 Climate Summary

A Warm and Dry May: May 2007 Climate Summary

A Wet One for the Record Books: April 2007 Climate Summary

A Normal Month?: March 2007 Climate Summary

February 2007 Climate Summary & Winter 2006/2007 Wrap Up

A Warm First Half of Winter: January 2007 Climate Summary

Record Warm December! Second Warmest Year on Record: December & Annual 2006 Climate Summary

Record Warm November! Record Wet Fall: November 2006 Climate Summary

Cool and Damp Two Months Running: October 2006 Climate Summary

Cool and Damp? September 2006 Climate Summary

NJ Drought (Or Not) Over the Past 14 Months

August 2006

July 2006

June 2006

Mid-June 2006

NJ Precipitation Perspective (May 10, 2006)

Keeping a Watchful Eye on NJ Precipitation (April 20, 2006)

March 2006

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues (January-February 2006)

2005 Rollercoaster Ride