A Very Warm June: June 2008 Overview

Dr. David A. Robinson
New Jersey State Climatologist
Center for Environmental Prediction, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences/NJAES, Rutgers University
July 2, 2008

Following the 9th warmest April and 29th coolest May since 1895, all bets were off for June NJ temperature prognostications. Would cool conditions continue or would values jump back above average? The title of this note gives the answer away, as June 2008 proved to be the 4th warmest of the past 114. At 73.3° the month was 3.9° above the 1971-2000 average of 69.4°. In fact, 37 Julys since 1895 have been cooler than this past June. The table below lists the top 10 warmest Junes:

Rank Year Avg. Temp
1 1943 74.9°
2 1925 74.2°
3 1994 73.8°
4 2008 73.3°
5 1957 73.2°
6 1934 72.9°
7 1923 72.8°
8 2005 72.6°
9 1899 72.6°
10 1984 72.5°

The June 7-10 interval was one of the hottest early season heat waves on record. Temperatures in many areas of the state were in the mid to upper 90s each day. The last week of the month also saw temperatures top 90° on three consecutive days.

Despite some local values that were in the 5-7" range, much of NJ experienced a somewhat dry June. The preliminary 3.43" statewide total is 0.36" below average and makes this month the 54th driest. Two of the most notable daily deluges were the 2.95" that fell in Tenafly (Bergen County) on the 14th and 2.91" at New Brunswick (Middlesex County) on the 29th. While reservoir contents remain close to average for early summer, ground water and stream flow levels have fallen below average. A watchful eye will have to be kept on July temperatures and precipitation, hoping the former will be at or below average and the latter timely and abundant (though not excessively so!).

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