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Weather Awareness Links

    Weather Guides and FAQs    
    WW 2010 Meteorology Guides and Data 

NWS Heat Wave Awareness 

    NWS Winter Weather Awareness 

Snow Measurement Guidelines

    NWS Hurricane Awareness 

Hurricane FAQ from AOML/Hurricane Research Division 

    NWS Severe Weather Awareness 

NWS Tornado Preparedness Guide 

    NWS Lightning Safety Program 

Thunderstorms and Lightning...The Underrated Killers! from NWS 

    Preparedness Guide on Flash Floods and Floods 

Plymouth State College Cloud

    Why Are There Seasons?

Why Leaves Change Color in Autumn

    What is Lake Effect Snow? Extreme Weather Sourcebook 2001    
    OCS Weather Glossary 

NWS Storm Spotter Glossary 

    NWS Forecast Terminology 

Weather Advisories Definition Page from Upton, NY NWS Forecast Office 

    Converting Zulu Time to Local Time

North American Time Zones and GMT

    IGES Guide to the Weather Symbols

NCEP Description of Station Plot

    NJDEP Weather Station Symbols NWS Hydrologic Glossary    
    Weather Calculators and Charts    
    ONJSC Weather Calculator

NWS-El Paso Weather Calculator

    Jim Martindale's Reference Desk: Weather Calculators

Wind Chill Calculator

    Apparent Temperature Chart

Wind Chill Chart

    Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Fujita Tornado Scale

    NHC Hurricane Tracking Chart
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NOAA Hurricane Tracking Chart 
    Other Weather Related Information    
    NWS Storm Ready Program

NOAA Weather Radio 

    Sun And Moon Data For One Day 

USNO Earth's Equinoxes and Solstices

    USNO Astronomical Data U.S. Tide Predictions    
    NJ Maps US Maps     
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