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U.S. Weather Data Links

    U.S. Surface Observations    
    WW 2010 Today's Hourly U.S. Weather Maps 

Current NWS Data Including ASOS 

    NDBC Lighthouse and Buoy Data 

U. of Hawaii Atlantic Tropical Storm Tracking Chart

    AccuWeather U.S. Surface Data 

Unisys U.S. Surface Data 

    CoD U.S. Surface Plots

Ohio State U.S. Surface Data

    CPC Experimental Snow Cover Maps

CPC U.S. Precipitation Analyses 

    The Oklahoma Mesonet 

Iowa Mesonet 

    North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network 

Pennsylvania Mesonet 

    The N. Carolina Weather and Climate Network

The Utah Mesonet 

    Florida Automated Weather Network 

The Colorado Agricultural Network 

    The California Observation Network 

The Arizona Observation Network 

    West Texas Mesonet  The Georgia Auto. Envir. Network     
    U.S. Radar and Satellite Data    
    NWS National Doppler Radar Sites 

Unisys Radar Data 

    Pick A U.S. Radar From UCAR/DTN 

AccuWeather Radar Data 

    Ohio State Radar Data 

Ohio State Satellite Data 

    UCAR Satellite Data 

Wisconsin GOES-8 Satellite Data 

    Accuweather Satellite Data  Unisys Satellite Data     
    Upper-Air Data    
    UCAR Wind Profilers and Soundings 

FSL Upper-Air Archives 

    Ohio State:  Unisys:     
    850mb  850mb     
    700mb  700mb     
    500mb  500mb     
    300mb  300mb     
    250mb  250mb     
    National Forecasts NJ Forecasts    
    Universities, Agencies, and Offices    
    Office of the NJ State Climatologist 

Rutgers Weather Center 

    NWSFO-PHI Mt. Holly, NJ 

NWSFO-OKX Brookhaven, NY 

    Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center 

Northeast Regional Climate Center 

    Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) 

Penn State University 

    Ohio State University 

Plymouth State College, NH 

    College of DuPage, IL 

Lyndon State College, VT 

    University of Michigan 

University of Wisconsin 

    University of Washington 

Other University Weather Servers 

    Unisys Corp.  Accuweather, Inc.     
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