Temporal Synoptic Index (TSI)

Composite files have the components, qualitative names assigned for each type, some frequency graphs, and then SLP, 500mb GPH, Surface temp, and precipitation rate composites for each generated synoptic type.

Calendar files contain tabs of:

  • "Met Data" which is the meteorological station observations for each day
  • "Calendar" which is the date and the synoptic type number
  • "Missing Days" which is a list of the missing days that were 1) filled in with nearest neighbor linear regression or 2) still classified as missing
  • "Syn. Type. Met. characteristics" which gives the average meteorological conditions for each of the synoptic types

Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

Acknowledgement of Data Use

  • Use of this TSI dataset should include appropriate acknowledgment of its authors, Zachary J. Suriano and Daniel J. Leathers.
  • Please use the online contact form for further information regarding the use of TSI data in any publication.