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The NJ State Climatologist Office strives to provide the citizens of New Jersey with a thorough understanding of weather and climate. Take a minute to peruse our vast web site:

NJ HomeNet is a real-time weather observation network situated primarily in Central and Northern New Jersey.

NJ WxNet (The New Jersey Weather and Climate Network) is a "one-stop internet resource for New Jersey weather data and information."

New Jersey ClimateWatch is a weekly based climate product created by the NJ State Climatologist Office.

ONJSC Brochure details the mission and activities of the ONJSC.

NJ WxNet Brochure gives an overview of the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network and its importance to NJ citizens.

NJ Weather Data contains links to current surface observations, regional surface plots, radar and satellite imagery, drought information, precipitation maps, and hydrological products.

NJ Weather Forecasts contains links to NJ zone forecasts, weather map discussions, fire weather forecasts, watches and warnings, and nearby forecast offices.

NJ Climate Data provides information pertaining to NJ climate, such as temperature and precipitation normals, historical data, station histories, and climate summaries.

NJ Climate Overview describes the five different climate zones that compose the state.

US Weather Data displays links to U.S. surface data, upper air data, radar and satellite imagery, as well as links to other universities and agencies.

US Weather Forecasts provides links to state and national forecast products, including severe weather, numerical model forecasts, and extended forecasts from the Climate Prediction Center(CPC).

El Nino & La Nina answers the questions: What are El Nino and La Nina? Lists analysis tools, forecasts, and ongoing research.

US Climate Outlook features long range climate outlooks, including temperature and precipitation forecasts, excessive heat forecasts, and U.S. drought assessments.

State Climate Centers has a host of links to other state climate home pages, and regional and national climate centers.

Weather Awareness has a collection of educational resources on weather and climate.

Climate News has a plethora of articles and publications on New Jersey's climate.

ONJSC History lists recent additions and changes to the NJ State Climatologist Home Page.

ONJSC Team lists the NJ State Climate Office staff.

Other Web Sites provides additional resources, such as internet search engines and other important Rutgers web sites.

Copyright and Data Disclaimer Info contains ONJSC legal information.

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