ONJSC Web Site History

Welcome to the New Jersey State Climatologist Home Page!

Look for major additions or changes to be listed here.

05-29-2002 - Added New Jersey Daily Climate Normals to NJ Climate Data Page.

01-10-2002 - Updated New Jersey Monthly Climate Normals page, which now includes data from 1971-2000.

12-19-2001 - Created ONJSC WxCalculator page.

11-19-2001 - Introduced NJ DroughtWatch website.

07-07-2001 - Added monthly climate tables to NJ Climate Data Page.

06-08-2001 - Introduced GFDL/ONJSC Precipitation Network on NJ Climate Data Page.

05-02-2001 - Added three new pages: 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Climate Products Archive and Web Page Help.

03-30-2001 - Pages currently under development: NJ DroughtWatch, NJ WeatherWatch,
NJ Weather Wizards.

03-01-2001 - Developed new page listing ONJSC web site statistics. Categorized links on the Weather Awareness page.

02-26-2001 - Created snowfall reports page for February 22, 2001 snowstorm.

02-06-2001 - Added snowfall reports from February 5, 2001 snowstorm.

02-03-2001 - Updated Station Histories.

01-23-2001 - Added snowfall reports from January 20-21, 2001 snowstorm and updated State Climate Pages.

01-04-2001 - Updated links on all pages.

01-02-2001 - New page listing snowfall reports from December 30, 2000 snowstorm.

07-07-2000 - Added weekly climatic data tables to NJ Climate Data Page.

06-12-2000 - Added New Jersey Climate Watch page. Also updated some links.

05-16-2000 - Expanded New Jersey Climatic Data page to include data for northern, southern, and coastal New Jersey.  Added newspaper articles that feature the NJ State Climatologist.

03-10-2000 - Re-organized and expanded the entire ONJSC web site, including all pages linked off of the home page.  Introduced The New Jersey Weather and Climate Network as an official link through the ONJSC web site under NJ Current Conditions.

06-15-1999 - Added and updated some links on several pages.

11-10-1998 - New section on Hydrologic Conditions

09-14-1998 - Added Monthly Climate Summaries

09-10-1998 - Updated the Station Histories